vomFASS is a unique retail experience—where you become a taste explorer, following your spirit of discovery to unique and memorable places. Step into a beautifully crafted European style tasting room and sample away—artisanal oils, fruit vinegars, unique spices and gourmet foods. You can learn the stories behind the tastes that intrigue—because every product has a story behind it.

Part of the vomFASS magic is their careful selection and curation of the finest growers and producers from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean. Most of them are multigenerational businesses (like vomFASS itself), who follow the strictest guidelines for cultivation, harvesting, land stewardship, maturation and extraction practices. All products are stored and shipped in airtight containers, to make sure they never touch air or sunlight until the moment of tasting or bottling. Fresh as can be, and every one with a unique story behind them, vomFASS offers a purely amazing taste journey for adventurous foodies.

Store Hours

Mo-Sun: 11am-6pm


Vom Fass, Distillery District - World of Oils, Vinegars and Spices

The Historic Distillery District
13 Trinity Street

+1 416-214-9555