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  1. Old Calvados Reserve X.O., 6 years
    Matured 6 years in oaken casks this calvados, with its amber color and a classic aroma, may be a dream for the connoisseur. Learn More
  2. Bas-Armagnac X.O., 10 years
    Our brandy from the heart of Armagnac is full of character and matured for 10 years in wooden casks. Learn More
  3. Bas-Armagnac X.O., 25 years
    Twenty five years to mature is a very long time but this is how our excellent Armagnac aquired its complex taste and aroma. Learn More
  4. Cognac X.O. Île d‘Oléron, 10 years
    A very special Cognac specialty from the Atlantic island of Oléron, exclusively assembled for VOM FASS. Learn More
  5. Calvados Napoleon, 25 years
    This is true craftsmanship - an epicure’s dream! Learn More
  6. Cognac V.S.O.P. Premier Cru de Cognac
    A great Cognac from the heart of the Cognac region, the Grande Champagne. Learn More
Grid List

6 Item(s)

Our fine spirits and unique liqueurs are primarily made by small, artisan producers from around the world. VOM FASS is proud to offer you samples of all of these fine items in store.